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Our clients come from all walks of life. They can be anyone. Perhaps a year ago they had a job and a home but then took a wrong turn or developed a mental illness. Eviction, drink and drug addiction and relationship breakdowns often follow.

These are just some of the reasons people in desperate poverty turn up at our doors when there's nobody else to turn to.


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If you would like to make a donation to Acton Homeless Concern, then please consider doing so through JustGiving. It couldn't be simpler to donate. Just visit, search for Acton Homeless Concern and make your donation.

UK taxpayers can claim Gift Aid at no extra cost. Gift Aid enables us to claim 28p in every Pound donated in additional funds.


We are always in need of reliable volunteers if you can spare a few hours. Clothing and financial donations are also gratefully received. Please share our website and mention our work on social media to raise awareness of what we do and why. If you'd like to volunteer, please get in touch and contact us either by phone on 020 8992 5768 or email us at You will receive full training and support.

just giving

Our Supporters

Since it was founded 30 years ago, Acton Homeless Concern has been at the heart of its local community. Support comes from all quarters: churches; faith organisations; schools; colleges, local businesses; charitable foundations and many individuals. These can range from helping our Christmas street collections or organising charity events like dinner dances and golf days. To all of them - THANK YOU!


We couldn't operate without our trained volunteers and we are enormously grateful to them. We have around 40 regular volunteers.


"Volunteering at Acton Homeless
Concern gives me a chance to give a little back to our community in Acton. It shows me that no matter who we are, we all need a little bit of help sometimes and in giving that help we have a chance to show the best side of ourselves".

"When the world's problems often seem overwhelming, Acton Homeless Concern represents kindness and love that can change the lives of the people around us".

"The experience was very eye opening and I was happy I was able to offer assistance to individuals in need".

The future - our campaigns

A continuing role for Acton Homless Concern is to be an advocate for those who come to us for help. To do this we are building and maintaining networks of public and private organisations, interfaith relationships, charities, voluntary groups, schools, colleges & universities.

We receive support from across the community, with the active involvement of schools, faith groups and businesses. We seek opportunities to talk to all kinds of groups and organisations to publicise the benefits that can be achieved caring for vulnerable members of society.

We take an inclusive approach by helping anyone who needs it regardless of social inequalities, their ethnicity, gender, disability or sexuality.

We campaign to highlight the problems of homelessness. Our manager has taken part in public lectures to educate residents on what is being done for the homeless and how the public can make contributions in a variety of ways.

We are an active member of Ealing Homelessness Forum, a regular gathering of charities and voluntary organisations who provide a range of services in support of those homeless or threatened with homelessness. The forum enables groups to cross-refer clients, offer and exchange information & training.