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We couldn't operate without our trained volunteers and we are enormously grateful to them.

Day in, day out they turn up to serve meals, talk to clients, sort clothing, handle deliveries and too many other tasks to mention.


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About the services we provide



Some of our client stories


"Before Emmaus House I used to
steal to eat. I used to walk around like a tramp. But now I am like a gentleman because of the clothing service."

"I have had cancer six times in the last fifteen years. Ian (the Centre Manager) said there was an Irish service every month at the Centre…

I now use the Centre on a regular basis, not for the food, more for the company of people in similar situations."

"Without Emmaus House my life
would fall apart… I have made a lot of friends, I no longer feel suicidal as I have received so much help and advice on how to cope with my mental illness."



"It's my home. Without it I'd be
sitting on a park bench somewhere freezing."


"JY came from a broken home and had been drinking since his teens. He had lost his wife, his house and his job. He was helped to a Detox clinic in Ealing, spent three weeks there and has not taken alcohol since."


"I came in to get food. I got clean clothes and washed up. I was going to steal for food & met this priest. I talked to him and he made a different man of me. I love Emmaus House.".